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The Planner Podcasters Need.

Whether you are a brand new podcaster or a seasoned one, there will always be many things to juggle to stay organized. And we never seem to work on only one episode at a time.

The Podcast Production Planner is designed to maximize your work to keep track of exactly where you are in the process of planning, producing and promoting each episode.

Did you remember to send the confirmation and reminder emails to guests? How about sending them the email with the link of the show once it goes live? You defitinely want to be sure your guests can share episodes to gain more traction.

There are also plenty of pages to jot notes and monthly undated calendars to use to keep track of the big picture.

But the HEART of the planner is the 52 episode tracking sheets whch cover most podcasters for a year.

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Testimonials...from the creator!

Dr. Burton has a lot to say about the benefits of using this planner. Feel free to email to ask questions. And let us know if you have feedback for future editions. Happy Podcasting!


Why We Are Your Best Choice

There are plenty of planners and journals for podcasters to use but none combine all the features of the
Podcast Production Planner!
* Notes Section
*Undated Calendars

* 52 individual episode tracking pagees
*Personal guest appearance recording


We are the 1st planner that alllows detailed podcast episode tracking to improve productivity


We ship everywhere in the United States. (Check back soon to see when international shipping is available)


Gorgeous embossed leather protects the journal pages. keeping them safe over the entire year


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