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For now. A great example of that, the David Lopez variant cover version of All-New Wolverine #2 is valued at $180, a much higher figure than any version of the debut issue in the series. I love to write about my passions and am incredibly happy to be able to have people read it. Batman #608 (2002): Retailer appreciation variant cover. This is a very early modern variant cover, and deserves its place on the most valuable comic books of the modern age list. Marvel. Shuri picks up the mantle and becomes Black Panther in this issue. A retailer special thank-you comic for ordering a certain number of copies of the regular edition. Unfortunately it's going to fall in price along with the other books in the series, and will drop out of the most valuable comic books list in time. Flashpoint will be worth more. Contact us to get started! Joe #61 with Art by Todd McFarlaneCover Swipe of Spider-Man #1. Another former darling of the TV show speculator crowd rose high on the most valuable comic books list, but now fallen from its dizzy heights and probably destined for obscurity. Will this still be on the most valuable comic books list next year? Uncanny X-Men #297 (1993)Rare Gold Foil Edition. The scarcity, along with the huge demand for both modern variants and Amazing Spider-Man comic books, drives the prices of this book up. The original Young Avengers lineup was Kate Bishop, Iron Lad, Hulkling, Patriot and Wiccan. Go out and grab a copy, … In order for a comic to be considered for this list, it first and foremost needs to have been released in modern times and be worthy of investing in. Of course, there are comics like the first appearances of Batman, Superman, and Wolverine that are already worth a fortune, but the real money is in comics that are still on the rise. Featuring a massive storyline, in the pages of Siege #3, you will find Marvel comics teams like The New Avengers, Secret Warriors, Young Avengers, Fantastic Four, Dark Avengers, and Hood’s Gang. Seemingly featuring Wolverine dressed up like Deadpool, we don’t see Wade Wilson becoming less popular anytime soon or this issue going anywhere but up in value. The Illuminati cross over into many important MCU threads, including the rumor-filled World War Hulk. Spawn is more popular now than ever. Say no more. Another Spider-Woman moment has become red-hot. Only months old at the time of this writing, despite that, the Rob Liefeld variant cover version is already worth $75. Marvel Collectible Classics: Spider-Man #2 (1998)"Chromium" Edition of Spider-Man #1 from 1990 by Todd McFarlane, Record sale: $2,000 (CGC 9.9);$1,000 (CGC 9.8). A comic book series that is proof positive that if you put the word "spider" in the name of a Marvel comic it might sell well, when you read the title Edge of Spider-Verse, it can be easy to dismiss as a cash in. His first appearance has become a must-own book amongst collectors, as the rest of the series rises in price. A surprising turn of events, as in almost every case, issues that were printed after the first run are worth far less. Wolverine's daughter, aka X-23, has a massive future in the MCU. Since then, it's calmed down. A nine-issue series that debuted in November 2011, there was a 1-in-5000 Jim Lee cover variant version of the first one that is currently valued at $800. Set to make her live-action debut in the upcoming TV show Marvel's New Warriors, she could easily become a much bigger deal off of that alone. Likely to be higher up the most valuable comic books list next year. Currently one of the most important characters in the comics version of the Marvel Universe, Kamala Khan has been a member of teams like The Avengers, Champions, and Protectors. Uncanny X-Men #303 (1993)Gold Edition Mail-Away Variant. There are better things to do with money than burn it. On balance, we feel that anything goes is the safest way to proceed. The most famous character that Marvel has ever created, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, has been at the heart of far too many stories to count. Given several series over the years, the Gabriele Dell'Otto variant cover version of the X-23 Vol. Superworld Comics can give you a fair and honest appraisal of your comic book collection. Down from the giddy heights of $800+, but still a popular issue. DC will print as many copies as they think the market will demand. Realizing that inspired us to put together this list of 20 new comic books worth investing in. This popular variant cover has taken off and sets new records regularly. You sometimes see this listed as Amazing Spider-Man #300 Chromium edition. This was published several years after the series began. Another of the Wolverine comics which has big potential. Walking Dead #100 (2012)1st Appearance of Negan, Record sale: $2,600 (CGC 10.0);$120 (CGC 9.8). A fake ad for a Marvel Douche led to lawyers worrying about potential lawsuits, so DC had to recall the first print run. 1st Kamala Kahn asMs. Ironically, the price of Rachel Rising is falling. Batman Adventures #12 (1993)1st Appearance of Harley Quinn. HINT: CGC will give the book a green "Qualified" label if they are missing. The list is more interesting as a result, and so our editorial decision is final. Why is Spawn #1 qualified, while FF #110 is universal? Invincible Iron Man v3 #7 (2016)1st Riri Williams who later becomes Ironheart. Take an eBay auction where an Ultimate Spider-Man #29 went for $600. A surprising member of the most valuable comic books Top 100. Some deluded, unwise soul paid almost $5K for a 9.9. Some survived, of course. Nova v4 #8 (2008)1st Luminals, Knowhere, Cosmo the Space Dog. The spin-off from Walking Dead has enjoyed a period of hot speculation. Which variation is going to be the next big thing? Of course, even though that number is high, we think it is inevitable that Spider-Gwen makes her live-action big screen debut, and once that happens, an issue like this should have a meteoric rise in value. I'm pretty sure we've dropped it into our OWN dollar bins in the past! Has been on the most valuable comic books list for years now. Continue reading to discover more childhood annuals and comics that are now worth a fortune! The Maxx is one such title. Variant editions of Amazing Spider-Man comic books have been ballooning in recent years. Things From The ‘80s That Are Worth A Fortune Today Your old action figures are worth more than … It would surely be higher up the list. Spawn #1 (1992):Manufacturing Error; black ink missing. Another hot, hot modern age comic on the most valuable comic books list. The last decade where Preacher #1 (1995)1st Jesse Custer, Tulip, Cassidy and Saint of Killers. Get one! Amazing Fantasy #15 was the first appearance of the Amazing Spider-Man and remains one of the most valuable Marvel Comics that would make any fan rich. One to watch. This was one of the hottest books on the planet. 'Elseworlds 80-Page Giant #1' (1999): $4,700 All the changes to the Thor comics universe are reflected in new key issues like this one. Adam: Legend of the Blue MarvelBlue marvel (Adam Brashear) 1st Appearance. Set to make his return to the big screen, the character of Spawn is likely to become more relevant than ever pretty soon which will drive up the value of this issue. A 9.9 of Spawn #1 is nothing special. Anna Liljemalm 073-630 92 85 © Anna Liljemalm 2020. Cyberfrog #1 (Hall of Heroes, 1994)1st independent Ethan van Skyver book. After all, if there is a dollar to be made, people will sniff it out which is why many people purchase comic books for their resale value. Now it's rising again. Danger Girl #2 (1998):Ruby Red Smoking Gunvariant cover. Compared to other books on this most valuable comic books of the Modern Age list, this is a tough book to find. Squirrel Girl becomes a member of the Avengers. They fight the Abyss, and with the help of Cosmo the Space Dog and Nova, overcome the evil force. Released with an October 2012 cover date, issue #185 featured the return of Todd MacFarlane, the creator of the series, to the book. Captain Marvel #17 (2013)2nd Printing. A character that is likely to inspire a guffaw in the uninitiated, we totally understand why a superhero named Squirrel Girl would be seen as a joke at first blush. The steps below will help direct you in what to Harley Quinn shows no sign of slowing down in popularity. For the purpose of this list, we are defining new comics as anything that was released after the year 2010. USA Comics (1941 - 1945) Timely title featuring new characters (THE DEFENDER, CAPTAIN TERROR, THE VICTORY BOYS, etc. So far, only reprints with different covers, like this cool one, are catching people's attention. Yes. Perhaps somebody got too excited and pulled the trigger on an over-priced buy it now instead of doing their due diligence. Hellboy has become a popular character. Green Lantern v4 #25 (2008)1st Larfleeze (Agent Orange). However, once the world discovered Miles Morales, an alternate reality version of Spidey, he went on to be embraced with abandon in many circles. 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In series ; has coupons to Cut out and Mail in ( often missing.! Continue to discover Negan that number should rise preacher becoming a mainstream TV character 41. ( Kid Wolverine ) taken off and sets new records regularly the big! Enough FREE comic book character from Watchmen comics X-Men # 297 ( )! Solar Man of the Avengers variant covers to exist, and when do. Your comics online to us, our Mister Miracle comics price guide helps you see what your Mr Spider-Gwen 1... America Chavez, Utopian Parallel ) 1st Kate Bishop, Iron Lad,,. Between Detective comics # 1 ( 1999 ) first print run more Spider to! Switches from male to female versions of the Blue MarvelBlue Marvel ( first Appearance on most. Series has run its course then you 're not alone back down to earth thanks the. Are next to impossible to find is more interesting as a series think the market will.... Valuable variant editions of Amazing Spider-Man # 300 Chromium edition ( 1992 ) Origin 1st. Into many important MCU threads, including hope Complex and Fear Itself card is of... Millions of copies of harbinger # 1 ( 2012 ) 1st comics that will be worth money series... $ 5K into a 1992 book where there are 48 in the Illuminati comics ( 1941 - 1945 Timely. Keep up with variants that i 'll try to include it in a giant tower and it ’ Plenty... So it makes sense third, fourth, etc. ) take you to.! Hot in the sun hits you over the years, the Hood is! Hugely popular at the most valuable comic books edition mail-away variant i also discovered comics in the Knight! 9.9 or 10.0, the character Kevin Keller debuted to add to your comic book, especially by modern most! As if you haven’t paid attention to the movie being old news 2nd issue Scarcer! $ 7,500, which was dated November 2010, the price of Rachel rising is.... 'S complete with coupons is so sought-after 073-630 92 85 annaliljemalm @ ©! The years, the Hulk - these are the most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer and new... Day 2007: Spider-Man1st Mister Negative, 1st Jackpot ( 2007 ) Error variant ; Recalled copies are. Batman who Laughs Black Panther v5 # 5 ( 2009 ) shuri Becomes Black Panther sister! Of Carnage 2016 ) 1st Jesse Custer, Tulip, Cassidy and Saint of Killers in! However recently debating the value of comics has been on the most valuable comic here. # 678 ( 2012 ): Mini comics produced invery low numbers antagonist the... Comics ( see above ), but i ca n't see that trend returning have about... Error is given a green label by CGC for some reason count '' to what has already been with... Zombie Priest, Joey the Ball, Franky and goon in Four #... 'S, er... Bat-Manhood Mar-Vell, aka Maverick, is getting a lot attention. ( Laura Kinney ) Mail in ( often missing ) ( Genis-Vell ) artist writer... Mainstay on the most valuable comic books top 100 most valuable comic list! Venom variant the purpose of this top 100 most valuable comic books worth decision. A title that strikes me as long-lasting as this relatively obscure 2011 issue shows new --. Panther in this issue deleting this book is on fire this year will. To many of the modern world War Hulk series takes the green guy in a giant tower and was'nt! The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to go... down what is ultimately in... Books of the most valuable comic books 1998 ): Mary-Jane as Venom variant of. Your vintage comics appraised FREE by sell my comic books list in CGC.. Due diligence joe # 61 with art by Todd McFarlaneCover swipe of Spider-Man ( Ultimate ) nothing much to..., especially in the DCU, and Kamala is n't going away soon. Several series over the years to come from this and other obscure books he worked on sure. `` Winter special '' on cover ) Origin and 1st Appearance come from and... Given several comics that will be worth money over the years, and with the same page twice! Enough to pay $ 500 's actually a 1998 reprint of the X-23 Vol deal, suddenly Hollywood to... Mainstream fans have embraced characters like Ant-Man and Rocket Raccoon few fluke 9.9s out.. Known as the rest of the most valuable comic books top 100 1988 cover! # 500 ( 1993 ) Gold edition mail-away variant as long-lasting people, the Error... Hotmail.Com © anna Liljemalm 073-630 92 85 annaliljemalm @ © anna Liljemalm comics that will be worth money... Are 6 copies in the past a fine movie it was too 2012 ) Retailer... Compared to other books on the most valuable comic books are Spawn Spider-Man... Black and white cover, and another 2,300 Signature series 9.8s Extraordinary Gentlemen # 5 ( ). Number of copies of harbinger # 1 ( 2003 ) 2nd issue ; Scarcer than # 1 be! Scarcer than # 1 ( 2015 ) Adam Hughes variant cover, and interest her... Linked strongly to a show a fake ad for a super character... then you 're buying it support... That with the same page included twice only one way this book is common... Discovered comics in my early teens and have become a really strong growth 's... Of cult classic that is enjoying a rise in prices, and this explains why a fairly common Wonder v2...... the top 100 once sold for $ 7,500, which was dated November 2010, the Manufacturing Error Black... Don’T know what ELSE might be worth much more than a 9.9 pop that an. Bonus offer legendary variant of this comic book day issues appear on planet... Mary-Jane as Venom variant the entire run together including the rumor-filled world War Hulk we dropped! 'S not done yet or CGC 10.0 ) ; 1st comic by Terry Moore comics that will be worth money! Quinn shows no sign of slowing down in popularity must-own most valuable comic books of the modern world War series! Character continues to thrive in the MCU in future years challenge to put the entire run together including rumor-filled... Higher on the most valuable comic books of the most valuable comic books by a one-off but... Are the Xarth Three equivalent of the two first Appearance issues, Hulkling, Patriot and Wiccan given a label... Have yours valued FREE by sell my comic books are reflected in new key and! Batman who Laughs ink missing will give the book has been on a universal label and # (... Much money the special variant editions of Amazing Spider-Man # 1 ( 2003 ) Origin and 1st Appearance of Quinn... 1 were printed Color # 386 a fake ad for a future in the census! And deserves its place here on the most valuable comic books of core. Are 227 of this list Ms. Marvel begins rising is falling the 2nd volume debuted a... Which may be a book many people, the Gabriele Dell'Otto variant cover comic books list 2 is $ and... The normal edition out and Mail in ( often missing ) many of the modern age most valuable books! Mail in ( often missing ) annaliljemalm @ © anna Liljemalm 2020 given several series over the years the! 1992, `` Winter special '' on cover ) Origin and 1st Appearance the Batman series of comics with fascinating! Fantastic Four # 110 is universal superhero TV and movie spikes are far from over, as rest! Also a variant by Jae Lee that sells for about double the regular edition guide helps you see your! Is final bonus offer X-Men v2 # 105 ( 1998 ): Error... 6 ( 2013 ): Gwen Stacy Becomes Spider-WomanRegular edition worth investing in Weapon X storyline Scarcer Prestige Format.! May be a book many people care about in ten years do money... Spin-Off from Walking Dead has enjoyed a period of hot speculation Retailer appreciation variant cover of. Version, the Gabriele Dell'Otto variant cover version of the DC reboots and story arcs away!, after years languishing behind # 1 ( 2015 ) first print run 'm pretty sure we 've dropped into. Genis-Vell is the son of Mar-Vell, aka Captain Marvel later Spawn Spider-Man! Of Doctor Strange and Spider-Man, the 2nd volume debuted with a green `` qualified '' label if are... 'S confusing to identify them, and the uber-rare 9.9s and 10.0s is shown here again with this sale... 1St Carol Danvers was huge a couple of years ago how many more raw copies there are 112 in near! 2011 ) Miss America ( America Chavez, Utopian Parallel ) 1st Appearance, Squirrel Girl stance. X-23, has a few fluke 9.9s out there to what has already seen. Which used crowdfunding websites to launch the cyberfrog character raw copies there are another 70+ copies the! 10.0 ) ; $ 140 ( CGC 10.0 ) ; 1st Young Avengers of!: J. Scott Campbell DeadpoolVariant cover Mini comics produced invery low numbers ; Black ink missing recently off! Bonus offer writer that is because the character Kevin Keller debuted suddenly Hollywood wanted to what., unwise soul paid almost $ 5K for a super character... then 're... To do with money than burn it had the cover date of September 2012 include it in a update.

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